Chocolate Can't Fill Your Soul Hunger

An 8-Part Series Where You'll Learn How the Lord Can Meet the Deep Emotional Needs of Your Heart

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Has chocolate become your daily therapy? Your emotional bliss? Your most cherished escape?

Do you love the Lord but get through the day by relying on Twix bars & peanut butter M&M’s?

If so, I totally get it. I was a full-blown chocoholic for more than 20 years. Chocolate was not just my friend - it was my security blanket and my reward at the end of a long, hard day. It was my comfort when I was depressed and my party when I felt like celebrating. To me, chocolate didn't just feel like food for my body, but nourishment for the deep hungering of my soul.

And I didn't think much more about it.

I mean, doesn't everyone down a pint of ice cream when they're feeling stressed? Doesn't everyone dig into their private candy bar stash when their kids are making them crazy? It seemed like a perfectly acceptable coping mechanism shared by countless other die-hard chocoholics all over the world.

Yes, I’ll admit that, at times, I embarrassed myself by eating half a pan of brownies in one sitting or bingeing on chocolate chip dough until I was sick. But the benefits of this little treasure—the ecstasy I experienced every time I put it in my mouth—made those moments simply fade into the background.

Really, I didn’t think there was anything that could make me happier.

Any chance you’ve experienced the very same thing?

If so, I want to throw out a question that may rock your little sugar-loving world like it did mine:

What if there's something out there that will feed your soul MUCH BETTER than chocolate ever could?

And perhaps the more important question is:

What if you’re missing it?

The truth is actually quite simple. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, then you’re the recipient of some pretty amazing promises . . . promises that include a treasure for your soul that's greater than anything you’ve ever imagined. What is this treasure? In short, it's unending nourishment for the deep hungering and thirsting of your heart. We'll talk later about where you can find that promise in scripture, but for now, I hope you're at least intrigued by the deeply satisfying emotional life that's available to us through the power of Jesus Christ.

But even if you already know about this incredible promise, you may wonder how it can actually happen. I mean, how can Someone we can't even see fill us more fully than the candy bar that's right in front of us the moment we need it?

The answer to that question is exactly what this class is about.

And I dare say that what you're about to discover will not only change your life—it will change your relationship with the Lord forever.

In this course, you'll enjoy:

*Eight video sessions (each around 30 minutes in length) where I'll introduce you to a new way to fill your soul hunger, all based on scriptural truths straight out of the Old & New Testament.

*In addition, I've create a downloadable PDF document with pages for each session that you can use to take notes, journal your feelings, and answer questions about the content being presented. This will make the sessions much more personal and allow you to discover how these gospel principles relate to your own experience and your everyday life.

I invite you to join me as we enter a whole new world, one a thousand times better than a pan of brownies or a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s a world where Jesus Christ will meet your emotional and spiritual needs in a way that will absolutely blow your mind.

And I promise: once you’ve taste life in this world, you’ll wonder why you ever tried to feed your soul hunger any other way.

Your Instructor

Jaci Wightman
Jaci Wightman

Jaci Wightman (pronounced JAY-see) was raised in five different states before meeting her husband, Greg, during her freshman year of college. Together, they’ve enjoyed the daunting task of raising seven children born in just eight years. In 2012, Jaci finally graduated with a B.S. in University Studies, 21 years after postponing her schooling to start a family. She is now a Certified Wellness Coach, a speaker and online educator, and the author of two books, Body Image Breakthrough: Learning to See Your Body and Your Beauty in a Whole New Light and A Princess Story: The Real-Life Fairy Tale Found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find more information about Jaci on her website, jaciwightman.com.

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